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AncWis – Get answers to your questions

AncWis is a brand new type of online fortune telling (divination) based on simple control and ancient knowledge to support symbolic thinking.
Discover 49 different chinese tarot cards (total of 157) and 63 different Native American symbols (total of 126)! Everything on this site is for free.

One card (Chinese oracle)
Quick answers

Get quick answers to any of your questions! Just pick a card and move it to the gray box in the circle.
Oracle* (Chinese oracle)
Compass reading

Analyze your issue and get accurate answers to your questions. This prediction will take you through the entire context of your situation.
Cards (Chinese oracle)

Take a look at the cards and read their meanings.
Person (Chinese oracle)
A relationship to another person

Discover more about your relationship with another person and get useful information. Just pick cards and move them to the appropriate boxes.
Influences (Chinese oracle)
Past, present, future

What are your influences? How can you determine your destiny? Answers to these questions can be found here.
Achievements (Chinese oracle)
Your life path

Find out more about your life path and how you can overcome any obstacles that arise on it.
One symbol (Native American)
Quick meanings

Get a symbolic meaning of your situation! Just pick a symbol and move it to the gray box in the middle.
Wheel (Native American)
Medicine wheel & influences

Find out which symbols influence you the most and how they can help you. Just pick symbols and move them to the appropriate boxes.
Symbols (Native American)

Take a look at the symbols and read their meanings. Just select one and click on it.
*every result is saved to the statistics and helps you understand your personality using an average personal index which is more accurate with more finished predictions; analyze your personality and learn more about yourself!

Create and print your own medicine shield here!

Why does this divination use the Mahjong cards?

This type of divination is very old and dates back to the times of ancient China. Even today this fortune telling is widely used in Chinese temples and is incredibly accurate (for more information click here). Moreover, thanks to the fact that the divination proceeds systematically, you have the possibility to think about the whole situation and very quickly and accurately analyze your issue. More information about cards can be found here.

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This online divination may be also used by companies specialized in predicting and divination. This software may help you in saving your time and makes the results more effective.

What questions can I ask?

The questions can be of different kinds. From 'What should I expect in the future?', 'How is my friend doing?' to 'Should I attend the event?'.

Become an Oracle and help your loved ones and friends to solve their problems.